REC Scorecard Results

REC Scorecard Results

To pass you must have 13 or more points and at least 1 point in each category. If you passed, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Candidate NameCandidate EmailPhone NumberOral Defense Completed OnCertification Program Completed OnInstructor Full NameTotal ScoreOutcome

Root Cause Analysis Scores

Highest Possible Score: 3

RCA tool completed correctlyRCA tool choice was appropriate for failure modeRoot causes were explained in proper detail, including potential countermeasuresRCA NotesRCA Score

PdM Scores

Highest Possible Score: 2

PdM technique is described and applied correctlyPdM technique appropriate to countermeasure identified in RCAProposed Predictive Maintenance NotesProposed Predictive Maintenance Score

Presentation & Defense Scores

Highest Possible Score: 2

Candidate demonstrated knowledge of project and resultsCandidate adequately answered questions about projectPresentation And Defense NotesPresentation Defense Score

Criticality Ranking Scores

Highest Possible Score: 4

Criticality form was used correctlyA minimum of 10 assets analyzedSufficient ranking granularity provided between assetsAsset scores are appropriate to the asset typeCriticality Ranking NotesCriticality Ranking Score

FMEA Scores

Highest Possible Score: 4

FMEA form completed correctlyEach failure mode has a frequency, severity and detectability assignedRisk Priority Numbers (RPN) are calculated properly and have sufficient granularityRecommended actions address one of the RPN number categoriesFMEA NotesFMEA Score
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