eRCM - REC Online

RCM Steps 6 and 7 – REC Online

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Using the FMEA-EMP tool, complete the Function-to-Functional Failure tab, then complete the Functional Failure roll-up tab and the Function-to-Functional Failure Matrix tabs. Enter 20 line entries into the FMEA tab. Select at least 5 maintenance tasks/control entries and enter into the EMP tab of the FMEA-EMP tool spreadsheet.

Assignment 3: FMEA/EMP Tool

RCM Step 1: Operating Context – REC Online

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Using the results of your Criticality Analysis, select a critical asset. Define its Operational Context and select a system boundary for analysis. In the FMEA-EMP tool, complete the System Description tab, build a Functional Block Diagram (FBD tab), then draft the Function-to-Functional Failure Description tab

Assignment 2: FMEA EMP Tool

Criticality Analysis – REC Online

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Using the Criticality Analysis Tool spreadsheet, perform a criticality analysis on at least 10 system-level assets for an important process in your facility. Select and report on top 3 critical system assets.

Assignment 1: Criticality Analysis Tool